Thursday, 28 April 2016

What is Google local and how can it help your business?

Google local is a free business listing provided by Google, you can think of it as an old school directory which is far more targeted to people searching for your services.  Google local allows your business to be found by potential customers in your local area.  It also allows past clients to be able to review your services, which over time will help build trust in your business.  Google local has been around for a while now and you will have seen the results shown in the search results page.

Google local shows businesses close to you that you are searching for, for example, if I were to search for web design wales or website design Pontypridd then businesses in that local area relating to the searches would be shown.

Why is Google local important to your business?

Google local is important to your business because the people searching for your services locally are usually far into the buying process, this means that they are looking for your services with a high intent to buy.

Google local is excellent for both small local businesses and big corporations such as McDonalds. Google local shows your customers the nearest location to them.  Other main advantages of Google local include:

·      Google Local is placed at the top of the search engines, if your business shows here then your listing is one of the first businesses that potential customers will see.  Google Local is like SEO, but it’s instant.
·      Google local on a mobile phone will show the nearest location along with an option to be able to call the business.
·      Past reviews give your business credibility, instantly building trust with your potential clients.
·      Local users looking for services that you offer are more than likely going to purchase your services rather than another business further away.
·      Ranking at the top of the search engines in Google Local is going to give your business/website more exposure and website traffic.

What to consider when submitting your Google Places listing.

Google places was introduced to make finding local services quickly ad easily, therefor you should not try to influence the results in anyway.  You should make sure that the information you submit is accurate to your business.  Failure to do so could mean that no one finds your business or you could be penalised for trying to game the system.

How to set up Google Local
Google Local takes hardly any time at all to set up, and If you want to set up a free Google listing for your business then check out the link below.

If you have any problems setting up your Google listing then please contact us here, we can set one up for you for free.